jjpbiologics.com Cookie Policy


JJP Biologics Sp. z o.o. attaches particular importance to respecting the privacy of Users of the jjpbiologics.com Website. The data we collect is used solely for the purpose of administering the Website and ensuring its correct content display. We do not identify Users and we do not otherwise seek to collect data about our Users. We also do not allow any information on our Service to be obtained by others, other than:

  1. LinkedIn and youtube.com plugins directing to our fan page/channel;

  2. cookies used by youtube.com and vimeo.com to display videos on the Website.


General information: What cookies are?

Cookies are small text files sent by a website to the browser of the user using it. They allow the website to remember information, which is essential for it to function, e.g., to determine the location of the country from which a user accesses the website or to remember the user’s login data after authorization. These are so-called functional cookies, which are essential for the operation of a website, and are used by every website.

  • JJP Biologics also uses the necessary cookies on the Website so that our Users can freely and comfortably read the content therein.

Cookies may also be used for other purposes, such as tracking a user’s activities on a particular site, seeing where they came to the site from if they used a link, establishing standard user behavior and even their preferences, interests, likely gender, or social and financial status.

  • JJP Biologics does not use any cookies that can identify our Users. However, we may use statistics about visits to the Website and activity on the Website in order to improve our Website and to provide our Users with content that is of interest to them. The statistical information is collected and analyzed by the system we use to operate the Website and by the Social Media platforms.

What data do we collect?

Functional cookies

In accordance with standard practice on most websites, we may store HTTP requests made to our server, or in other words, the technical information that a particular device wants to open our Website. This is purely technical and takes place in order to enable the correct display of our Service. We do not verify the information collected in this way (the exception may be a security incident of our Service).

The resources viewed are identified by URLs. The exact list of information stored in the web server log files is as follows:

  • the public IP address of the User’s device from which they access the Website;
  • http technical information;
  • general technical information on the User’s browser relevant to the correct display of the Website;
  • information about errors that occurred in the implementation of the display of content on the Website.

This data is not associated with specific Users. This means that we do not have any other data that we could combine and thus potentially determine which technical data relate to a specific User.
The collected logs are stored for a limited period of time in connection with ensuring the operation of the Website and are then deleted. It may be the case that in the event of a security incident on our Website or network, our IT services or authorized regulators will review the data to determine the circumstances of the incident and its perpetrators. As there are no account login or purchase options on the Website, our Website is rarely targeted by cybercriminals, however, we take care of the security of our IT network and monitor our network on a regular basis.

We do not use cookie data for any other purpose.

Display of video content

The Website displays films and videos that are originally uploaded to our youtube.com channel or via vimeo.com. Both of these entities use cookies to enable our Users to view the videos correctly, without having to leave our Website.

The cookies used for this purpose are temporary, which means that they are deleted when you stop using the Website.

The use of these cookies is also necessary to ensure the functionality of the Website, but the User can block their use by changing their browser settings. However, this will result in the unavailability of our video content on the Website.

As mentioned, our system used to operate the Website acquires statistical data about visits to the Website and activity on the Website. This data is obtained exclusively through this system, and we do not copy this data or store it in our locations. We can only log into the administrator’s panel and view the analysis results there.

This data does not allow us to determine the identity of our Users.

Social Media statistics

Our fan page on LinkedIn and our channel on youtube.com allow us to view the statistics provided by the respective portal. By accessing the statistics panel, we have access to a range of information about the users of a given portal whose activity is related to our fan page/channel, e.g. we receive the following information:

  • likes and other reactions;
  • views;
  • comments;
  • shares;
  • activity concerning published content;
  • audience statistics;
  • clicks on links.

As we have already mentioned, we receive this information in the form of statistics available on the respective portal. We do not use any tools ourselves to collect or analyze this information. We do not decide what information and how the respective portal obtains about its users, who are also our Users – they visit our fan page/channel. We do not copy this data and can only access it in the portal’s panel according to the terms and conditions set out by the portal in its terms of use. We do not carry out any activities to identify specific Users. We use statistics to see how interesting our content has proved to our audience and to improve our content in the future.
Remember to read the privacy policy of each portal you use as a user.

Social media plug-ins

We can include so-called plug-ins in our Social Media, i.e. small buttons with the symbol of the respective portal, which, when clicked on, take the user directly to our fan page/channel on the respective portal. For example, our main fan page is on LinkedIn and we post videos on our youtube.com channel. We may also be active on other Social Media.
We are responsible for posting the plug-in on the Service, i.e. allowing it to operate on the Website. We do not have access to any plug-in data, nor do we have the ability to interfere with the way the plug-in works. We are aware that some portals use their cookies in their plug-in mechanisms.


Changes to the Cookie Policy

In the event of a change to the current Cookie Policy, we will inform all our Users by redisplaying the Cookies banner when they first access the Website after the changes have been implemented.
If you have any need, you can contact our GDPR Coordinator, who can also provide information on the use of Cookies on the Website. To this end, please send your request by email to: rodo@jjpbiologics.com.